Future Vintage : british designers collective 2013

"We have been thrilled to work with Clare over the past couple of years.  Her exquisite taste combined with a superb understanding of each project's DNA has been an instrumental contribution to our projects."
                                                                                                            Desiree Bollier - CEO Value Retail Management

This project was about branding as much as store design. Stamp the event, as well as the shopping experience, with a stand-out "face" - a compelling monograph synonymous with British style and history. I discovered and adapted a powerful image of Elizabeth I - the perfect icon - instantly recognisable. I graphically modified her portrait, adding the bright red lipstick.  Full height, her impressive likeness emblazoned the front of store - a standout symbol.  Inside the shop, the concept: "Future Vintage" was translated into a living archive - vast industrial fridges became display units, archive rolling racks became lit rails and, the walls were covered in "books"...

using allyou.net