"I was very clear I wasn't going to hand this space to a big company and get their fantasy of what Matthew Williamson should look like. the whole aesthetic of how my clothes are presented is a passion of mine."
                                                                                                                                                           Matthew Williamson 

The first ever retail interior to feature on the cover of World of Interiors Magazine.

The challenge was to design a store that stood out as a modern flagship in a Georgian grade II listed building.  The concept I devised was Virtual Nature, with a strong presence of the designer.  I looked to Moroccan gardens and LA interiors for inspiration.  A huge floating glass tank, filled with hothouse plants, was at the centre of the design underneath a natural skylight and, I played with mirrors to increase the feeling of space - the outdoors.  The fixtures were all elongated - extra tall rails and cash desk - to make the interior more elegant.  "Shop interiors have got to get away from bland minimalism and the concept of the Super Brand - shopping is meant to be relaxed and friendly. I wanted to create a space where you can go and shop but don't feel on show yourself.  The world is not a catwalk." (Clare Ceprynski, Time Out).