established in 2010, Clarestudio is a retail design company founded by clare ceprynski

The retail sector is fast-paced and at this pivotal moment, it is justifying itself by finding new ways to adapt. Companies are keen to work with significant Independents who can devise unique visions in order to satisfy our appetite for difference.


This is a one-stop-shop that provides clients with inventive solutions for all aspects of retail design. Our aim is to combine a brand's essence and the practical needs of a shop floor, to create incredibly beautiful, tempting, functioning retail design.

We are flexible in our working method.  We work with you at the level you require, for example, we can work cross-functionally within your company, bridging departments in order to provide dynamic visual solutions. Alternatively, we can present a package from the outside, as a fresh set of experienced eyes. This can revitalise teams, airing questions that internal politics might side step.


We differ from an architectural practice.

We fully believe that good retail design is generated from real hands-on experience. There is no standard formula; we do not have a company "look". Whether you are an independent brand that is yet to define a retail face, or a large established group that seeks to re-imagine or revitalise your existing retail environment, it is our delight to give you an exceptional retail solution that is relevant to you and your market position.

Clients approach because they require a service with tried and tested expertise.

Clients return because they have benefited from the experience an all-encompassing design eye can bring. They have found this unique approach to be a cost effective and an efficient tool in a mercurial sector.


Clare Ceprynski is an MA Fine Art Graduate (graduating in 2001 from Goldsmiths College, London with Distinction).

Clare began her lifelong passion for retail design whist working as a Sales Assistant in Miu Miu, when she met and trained under Manuela Pavesi.  Since then, she has gained over 10 years directorship-level experience working within the Luxury Retail Sector.

Collaborating with Matthew Williamson from 2003, Clare's design for Matthew's London flagship store won a prestigious FX Design Award and it became the first and only retail interior ever to be featured on the cover of World of Interiors Magazine. Following this success, she designed all further boutiques for the brand including flagship stores in New York, Dubai and Qatar, creating and establishing the signature retail aesthetic now synonymous with the Matthew Williamson label.

In 2010, she has established her own retail design practice working with luxury brands and private clients around the globe.

"I am passionate about creating retail environments that tempt and astound.  To achieve this, I founded CLARESTUDIO. It's ethos is based on a multi-disciplinary approach to retail design.  My own expertise bridges store design (concept through to build), art direction and visual display.  In my experience, a multifaceted but singular eye is a potent tool to successfully communicate a powerful brand message."
                                                                                                                                                                     Clare Ceprynski